FAQs of Sex Dolls

A sex doll or “love doll” is just like it sounds, but you may have a few questions about the details. All of our sex dolls are the lifelike height as different women and made to the same proportions. There are three ways to enjoy a fuck doll– mouth, vagina, and anus. Having sex with a sex doll is pretty similar to a real girl, simply lay her on your bed and have sex with her!


This is one of our more popular questions and our answers will amaze you. Sex dolls are one of the greatest enhancements to sex life in recent memory because they have so many advantages that you can’t get with the “real” thing, such as:

· No STD’s or Condoms needed.

· No expensive dinners or dates needed.

· No break ups or divorces.

· No neediness or moodiness

· Your doll is always ready

· Enjoy your doll on your schedule

· Can be put in any sexual position with no complaints.


Cleaning and maintaining your doll is real simple and easy. When you are finished enjoying her, simply clean her off with a light towel mixed with warm water and mild soap and that is it! Let her dry before you store her in your favorite location and kiss her good night.

Advantages Of Sex Doll For Man Masturbate

  1. Material: macromolecule medical silicone, the top-class silicone, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length with the soften range up to 0-100A to provide durable service without any harm to human, certified by ROHS, REACH and FDA. High Quality Loving Doll For Man
  2. The skin is with purely natural luster and smooth feelings by touch.
  3. The pretty face is sculptured by experienced sculptor.
  4. With her highly firm and rounded breast, slightly pink areolas nipples, the doll is surely to give you unforgettable experience you never have before.
  5. The body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology to ensure the limbs can be freely extended to create all sorts of sexual poses.
  6. You can customize the hair, head, pubic hair, eyes color and nipple color to make your doll special.

Know more about Sex Doll For Man Masturbate

  1. Our sex dolls are all made of full medical silicone, not inflatable dolls. High Quality Loving Doll For Man
  2. Our dolls are all have metal skeleton inside, could do any poses as request.
  3. Clients have different head and wig options.
  4. Clients can add pubic hair.
  5. We have different sizes: 65cm, 85cm,100cm, 125cm, 136cm, 145cm, 154cm, 158cm, 165cm dolls are more favorable than other sizes.
  6. 125cm to 165cm dolls could add oral sex function.but price will be different
  7. 145cm to 165cm dolls could add heat and voice functions but price will be different

What we can also offer you about Sex Doll For Man Masturbate ?
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Why choose our Sex Doll For Man Masturbate ?

  1. Combines with OEM and ODM.
  2. All of the products is factory price.
  3. Beautifully designed packaging.
  4. Fast delivery.
  5. Full range and variety of product and stylish designs.
  6. 100% QC inspection before shipment.
  7. Full refund or replacement for quality faulty.
  8. 24 hours personal service, professional, sincerely service.

Characteristic of Sex Doll For Man Masturbate

  1. Antifouling — nothing can stick doll body, easy to clean.High Quality Loving Doll For Man .
  2. Durable — you can use over and over again for a long time, not easy to be damaged.
  3. Lifelike — strictly in accordance with the correct scale molded into.
  4. Flexible — interface has a wide range of activities in the region.
  5. Security – on the human body is absolutely safe, non-toxic, no peculiar smell Material Japan latest scientific achievements of the simulation. Model in accordance with human skin, make, genuine products, feel good, true to her skin, you can put on a different clothes, she is your most loyal privacy lovers.

Secure Payment

  1. Supports Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, and wire transfer via banks.Paypal
  2. All payment must be completed within 7-10 days after make an order

Package & Shipping For Sex Doll For Man Masturbate

  1. About package will give you a sample a dress for you as gift. and every doll we will parcel it with a blanket to sure it can got safety.
  2. We also wish to do our best to ensure that every doll reaches its master in a quick, safe and discreet manner. Our manufacturers are very experienced so they know how to package every doll in a careful and safe manner to avoid most damage that can occur during shipping. We also use shipping processes that are a balance between speed and affordability. Lastly we take our client’s privacy very seriously so we do our utmost to maintain it by using discreet packaging and careful methods of delivery and billing.
  3. About shipping, we support most of shipping style. include DHL, UPS, EMS, FEDEX and so on. some shipping style is cheap and some is fast and including custom tax already,you can tell me which one do you want after you fix your mind silcone doll for men.

After sell serves about Sex Doll For Man Masturbate

  1. Every doll its working life is 5 years. If the doll was broken in 5 years, we can provide the specialty gluewater for you to repair it,the gluewater will send you with the goods ,we will Via Email send the repair technology vodie to teach you how to do.
  2. Pls note it dont wear deep color clothes for dolls, you can make up it and clean it by shower gel.
    We believe good client servicing is the bedrock to any good business. Regardless of the issue we will endeavor to reply you within 2 business days in order to keep you informed and up to date of your order or your queries. If you don’t hear from us then feel free to shoot as an email to complain about the lack of response!

After Sales Support and Maintenance

Our servicing does not end once you purchase our products. We can offer tips and tricks for maintenance and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Going forward we would be releasing more articles, pictures and videos teaching you about maintenance and care of your sex dolls. We also hope to be selling some accessories in the future to help you with this. So please keep checking back.

Custom Dolls and Product Suggestion.
If you would like a custom doll, we are more than happy to work with you to facilitate and make this happen. Alternatively if you have product suggestions feel free to send us a note and we will consider getting it put and made into our platform.

Feel free to drop us an email or contact us here because as we said we are focused to help you find your dream sex doll.
Feedback, Review and Stories

Lastly we would love to hear your feedback and stories. Feel free to email us photos, interesting stories or comments of our dolls as some of them may even get quoted on our website!